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Bringing the passion and enthusiasm of British Automotive Sport to the Las Vegas Valley since 1990.

The Club promotes information and networking and revels in the social elements of British car ownership.

Club members, prospective members, and British car enthusiasts are encouraged to attend our meetings and events.

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A little about British Auto Club of Las Vegas

The club's member-elected Board meets monthly to discuss club business; they ensure the club is humming along without a hitch.  Monthly membership meetings are designed to bring news and information to the members.  Club business is presented to the membership, past events are relived, future events pitched, and a lively open forum ensues.  The open forum gives the membership an opportunity to talk about project cars, what is going on around the valley, and other car news. 


The Club has a few committees hard at work for its membership.  The Event’s Committee conjures up events that entice the membership to get out, in either their British Cars or their daily drivers.  The events reflect the membership’s enthusiasm and love of British Cars, good food and fun.  The Newsletter and website are an integral part of the club and communicate information to its membership in print and online.  The club boasts a tech editor, historian, and many members steeped in the maintenance and restoration of their LBC - Little British Cars.  These members often share their wisdom and experience with the membership through articles written for the newsletter and website. 


Club Membership

Our organization is comprised of many people from various backgrounds.  The strength of the club lies in its enthusiasm for British Cars, the dedication of the membership, and our monthly events.  Please join us at one of our General Membership Meetings and find out what our club is all about. 

Becoming a member of the British Auto Club of Las Vegas is easy.  Simply complete the online application, submit your dues, and your membership is complete.

Included in your membership is a subscription to our monthly newsletter the SPANNER.

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President's Message

Brett Harris - August 2022

In Memory Of Don Strait


As you all now know, we have lost one of our members, Don Strait. His sister Jan, emailed me to inform me that he had a terrible accident in his home and passed away after several days in the Trauma ICU. He truly loved this club, the friends he had here, and his 1966 MGB. She told me that not a conversation was had where he didn’t talk about the club, activities, friends, and his car. She said that we gave him a new lease on life after the loss of his late wife. His car will go to their brother John, who lives in Columbus, Ohio. According to Jan, he will be requesting our knowledge because he isn’t as handy as Don was. The board has made John an honorary member so he can receive the Spanner from the club that his brother loved so much.

The family held a memorial drive for Don through Red Rock Canyon. They were very grateful that many of his coworkers and members of this club and were able to attend. His youngest brother and their nephew drove Don’s MGB. They got to experience Don’s love of his car first hand as we drove through this Las Vegas treasure. We stopped at a few locations along the loop where we could get out and experience the scenery that Don has enjoyed many times. We went to High Point Overlook, which has a beautiful view into the park. Don’s oldest brother, Richard is a United Methodist Pastor. This overlook gave the perfect backdrop where he held a beautiful small ceremony for Don. I would like to thank Don’s family for including us in remembering their loved one.

Don, you will be missed.


Please join us at our

General Membership Meeting

the last Sunday of the month

from 9 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. (approx.)


Wildhorse Golf Club 
2100 W. Warm Springs Road
Henderson, Nevada 89014

P. O. Box 90973
Henderson, NV 89009

Wildhorse Golf Club 702-434-9000

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