Points Program

The British Auto Club of Las Vegas Points Program offers its active members an opportunity to

accumulate points throughout the year and turn those points into prizes.


First Place:  Dues paid for the next year and a gift certificate

Second Place:  Dues paid for next year

Third Place:  Recognition for the top 10 most active members




  • The British Auto Club of Las Vegas (BACLV) Points Program is available to any BACLV active member (Paid membership).

  • Participants must be an active member at the time of event or monthly meeting.

  • Points cannot be combined among members.

  • Households are considered as individual paid members.

  • Accrual Period:  January 1 through December 31.

  • No carryover into the next year.  Everyone starts fresh (0 points) on January 1.

  • Points cannot be redeemed for cash.





Attend a Meeting:  100

Drive LBC to Meeting:  50

Wear Badge to Meeting:  25


Host an Event:  500

Sign up to Host Event in Advance (3 mos.) 250

Attend an Event:  250

Drive LBC to Event:  150

Wear Badge to Event:  50


Article Published in Spanner/Website:  100

Renew Membership by 12/1:  500


*Bring a Guest:  75

**Recruit a Member:  100

*Bring a non-family non-member to monthly meeting

** If the guest becomes paid member at the meeting,

receive an additional 50 points