President’s Message – July 2015

This last meeting was a busy one for me. I do not think I was as organized as good as I could have been; however, I think the microphone helped out a little. In the end, I wish I could have spent some more time visiting with you all. I try and make up for it at events.

This club is full of so many interesting and fun people. There are many couples out there I have not really had the opportunity to get to know. The weekend trip to Springdale was a great chance to get to know John and Bonnie Brown and Simon and Jane James. Aly and I had a lot of fun and are looking forward to more trips with all these wonderful people.

The year is already almost half over, and I must take a moment to thank the better half. I am thankful for Aly every day but right now I am speaking about the Ladies of the club. We have so many talented women here in the BACLV and are truly blessed that they keep us in line. I have to name a few. Sandy Lashua does a fantastic job on our Spanner and is always looking for a new project. Look for her to launch the Ladies Luncheons soon. Margaret Klenk has such a busy schedule but still has done more for the web site in the first month than I had done in a year. The old format is looking great but the new one is coming soon. Being on the Board this year with Jane James has really been a blessing. We have got to know the Jane and Simon better this year then all previous years together. Jane has some serious organizational skills and motivation to boot. The best part is they are all great fun to just spend time with.

Cheers to the better half of the club!



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