President’s Message – August 2015

Is it time to downsize the car collection? Maybe I really don’t have a British car collection, per se, with only two LBCs in my garage (TR6 and GT6), but if we include the other cars I maintain – it could be considered a car collection of sorts. Our family drives older cars, with the newest being a 2004, and they all want, and need, some love.

My British car collection consists of a TR6 and a GT6. The TR6 is such a good car, and its value is holding. I have a hard top for it, which gives me the best of both worlds (if I ever put it on), and I am pretty sure this car will be in my collection for a while.

The GT6 is a challenge to get in and out of, my right leg is never the same after even the short drives, it has a leaky head gasket, transmission noise, the cosmetics need some LTC, and its value is a little shaky. Regardless of these ailments, the body styling and driving experience are hard to beat in my opinion – this car has always been dear to me. Could it be that I’ve put so much work into this car, and there’s more to do? Or, could it be that when driving this car I’m transferred back to my high school days? Either way, it will probably remain a part of my collection. The last time I got rid of one, I only lasted two weeks before buying the TR6, and even then, it just did not completely fill the void.

Well, I had better get to work on the GT6 before she falls further down that slippery slope.

Wish me luck.


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