President’s Message – September 2015

The BACLV 2016 Board Member election is coming up soon, and the November election will be here before we know it. In order to get a jump on the election stuff, I’m going to bring up a few ideas that have been floating around. Pilar, Bill and I were talking the other day about how the membership elects the Board, and they suggested we involve the general membership more ahead of time, and I agree.

This November we will elect an Officer at Large, Treasurer and Vice President, so we would like to get an idea, now, of who is interested in holding a Board position for the 2016 year. In order do this, we will take a secret ballot at the General Membership meeting in August, and on this ballot you can tell the Board who you would like to see fill these positions, or let us know if you are interested in a spot on the Board. The objective is to find out who is interested in holding a Board position, and help and support them. If you cannot be at the meeting to elect someone, send me an email and let me know your thoughts. So, please take a few minutes over your coffee and give this some thought prior to our August meeting. If you need a reminder of who is in our club, please see the membership list that is posted on the website. Remember that although we are a car club that tends to lean toward the guys, there are many women in this club that are amazing and contribute significantly to the Club.

That said, I will now move on to car stuff. I pulled the head off my GT6 and saw there was tons of carbon build-up from all the oil burning going on. I did not pull a piston, but the cylinder walls look good. The valves and guilds are worn pretty badly, but they looked serviceable – that is until the machine shop called and to tell me about the cracks in the head. I will have it pressure checked to see if it leaks but, at the same time, I am on the hunt for a replacement. These 1969 GT6 heads are harder to come by but if I can find the right year TR6 head, it will do if cut down to get the compression where it should be with flat top pistons. I was hoping to keep the cost don, but we will see. Wish me luck on the hunt.


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