President's Message - October 2015

Classic cars are moving into technology? When I grew up, I could read about cars in some magazines, but they were not plentiful back then. Our little Spanner of decades ago has grown into quite a publication. The website has been around for around for 10 years in different forms and is about to launch in its latest format.

Just recently, I started a Facebook group for the club. It was very easy to set up, and as of this writing, 26 people have joined in. Those of you that haven’t, you should check it out. At the recent Membership meeting, I made the mistake of suggesting we limit the content to car stuff. As many friendships have developed as a result of this club, our talks now are often about so many different things; this really develops these relationships to another level. So, when you want to share something on the BACLV Facebook group that you would normally do in any other club gathering, then please do so. I hope also you will take a moment and chime in on some car stuff too. Post some pictures of you own projects or something cool you saw at a recent show or trip.

I will start to add some more club event information like upcoming events but nothing crazy. If you have ideas on how to improve it, then please let me know, especially if you already know how to do it. I want to keep it simple and not add another element to the club that takes a lot of maintenance like our LBCs. Bill and Pilar just posted some pictures of a trip they are on and looks fun.

I hope you enjoy joining in.


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