Concours d'Elegance - Forest Grove, OR

For many years, I have wanted to attend the Forest Grove Concours d'Elegance outside of Portland, Oregon ( Since I have a strategically placed brother who lives about eight miles from there, I invited myself to come up to his house and stay a few days to see the show. He, of course, was to cajole the tickets out of a friend in the club that was sponsoring the event. He was able to con the tickets, but operating under the "no free lunch" concept enticed me to come up a few days earlier in order to help him with some of his rental house projects.

Arriving in Portland on Thursday, I took the light rail out to my brother’s place in Hillsboro. The light rail is great and costs geezers like me only a dollar. Upon arrival, we were treated to an airshow by the Blue Angels, who were practicing for the big Portland airshow that is held in Hillsboro every summer. The show was on Saturday and Sunday, but they had a special show on Friday late in the evening. Some of the planes flew after dark and had fireworks streaming from the wings. My brother lives about a quarter mile from the airport, so we had a full view! Saturday morning we went to the Hillsboro airport, saw all the aircraft, and watched skydivers do their thing. It was a cloudless 97 degrees, and people were passing out all over the place. Lines were miles long for drinks and free water.

Sunday morning we toddled over to the car show at the campus of Pacific University in Forest Grove. This is a beautiful old campus with huge trees and shade almost everywhere. The cars were grouped by type generally, so old Caddies and Packard’s would be together, British cars together, Corvettes and so on. Most of the cars were impressive, but there were a few I would not put in a Walmart parking lot. One was an Austin-Healey that had dents in the aluminum shroud and had not been washed or waxed in a while. I felt embarrassed for the owner with all the other beautiful English cars parked around his. We spoke with the owner of a K2 Allard who had spent 13 years restoring it after buying it in boxes. The oldest car there was a 1904 Rambler, single cylinder with chain drive. All cars have to run, so the guy was firing it up as we walked in. There was also a new Bugatti. We ran out of steam after about 3 hours and split for a late lunch.

It was nothing like Pebble Beach, I guess, but it was well worth the trip.

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