WurstFest - Boulder City NV

From one of our own, Jonas Payne, writes after a great day in Boulder City:

To our token Kiwi, Steve "Elko Sheep Herder" Zaks, "Commander" Cody, Black Sabbath Headrick, The Ayatollah Bowman, the SGT Major Lashua, (and the General), Kennedy's, Contortionist Jim Oswald, Klenk's, Jim "Who peed in your Cheerios" Shope, and the Outlaw Biker Welbaum's (don't mess with them).

Thank you for a great day!!!!

Thanks for sneaking us beers Al! (I don't know if you guys know it, but the Ayatollah Bowman is sort of connected in Boulder City.)


I don't take days off often, but when I do, I like to hang with the BACLV!

If you weren't there - you missed a great time. See you tomorrow!

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