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The 2015 Jackson-Barrett auction was held Thursday, 24 Sep 2015 through Saturday, 26 Sep 2015. There were no featured multi-million dollar cars but plenty of affordables, along with some high dollar cars. There were only 31 British cars crossing the auction block but a good representation of the marques. Here is a list by marque. Add a 10% buyer’s fee to the sales amounts.

‘72 Morris mini, BRGreen, for $15k;

‘53 MG TD, blue, for $20k;

‘53 MG TD, red, $21.5K;

‘57MGA/MGB engine, black, $21k;

’61 MGA MKII, red, $21k;

’61 Austin Healey with Factory hardtop, white, $49k;

’06 Aston Martin, V-12 Volante, silver, $70k;

‘07 Aston Martin V-8 Vantage, silver, $52k;

’59 Jaguar MKI 3.8, red, $14k;

’73 Jag XKE V-12 2+2 coupe, silver, $70K;

’71 Jag XKE V-12 2+2 coupe, red, $32.5K;

‘64 Jag E-type conv did not meet reserve,

’99 Jag XK8 conv, gold, $ 8.7k;

’97 Jag XK8 conv, green, $ 24.5 k;

’89 Jag XJS coupe, red, $5k;

’91 Jag XJS conv, blue, $12.5 k;

‘89 Jag XJS conv, blue, $9k.

There were 10 Bentleys, with a wide range from $40k to $150k. One Bentley;

‘07 Azure sold for $95k, although it had an original sticker price of $338k and low mileage.

There were three Rolls Royce auctioned but two did not meet reserve, and the third went for $40k.

Check out for more particulars.

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