The DeLorean Story - A Book Review



Publisher: Haynes Publishing North America – February 2013

About the author

Nick Sutton worked for the DeLorean Motor Company as a senior manager for just over four years. He was hired in December 1978, a few weeks after “ground breaking”. He was hired as employee #16 and was one of the last ten employees on board to see the end of production and closure of the DMC plant in February 1983.

The Book

The story of John DeLorean and his dream, ”the DMC-12 sports car”, has been thoroughly researched and well written by the author, Nick Sutton. Included are several photographs which have never been seen by the general public. As a senior manager in charge of parts and inventory he saw it all. In July 1978 John DeLorean secured financial backing from the British government. Production of the futuristic looking DMC-12 began in January 1981 after many delays. The factory producing the stainless steel bodied gull-wing door cars was located in Dunmurry, near west Belfast, which was in close proximity to the strife and almost daily civil disturbances taking place in Northern Ireland in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Nick Sutton has written about the events that took place in a manner that gives the reader a glimpse into the daily life of working in the DeLorean plant and the distractions affecting the lives of the employees because of the civil disturbances and turmoil at that time. The author recounts how John DeLorean, a man who radiated a persona of confidence and purpose, was able to recruit some of the most talented managers in the automotive business. Despite the talent John DeLorean put together, the venture was doomed because of an excessive overhead, mismanagement of funds and the eventual arrest of John DeLorean on drug trafficking charges in an effort to keep the company afloat. Ironically, the charge would be dropped during his trial because of the entrapment law. This book was a real eye opener for me and is about a story that needed to be told.

Happy Motoring…Ron Couturier

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