President's Message - November 2015

I have owned British cars since 1987, but in 1990, my two were still in Las Vegas while I was away at school in Phoenix. I think it was around 1996 when I first ran into the BACLV at a park near Flamingo and Eastern, but at the time, my cars were off the road and I was in a very different time in my life. I guess the club continued to grow as did I.

In 2006, a friend was ready to sell his MGA project and asked if I would like to come along to drop off some last basket case parts. We met up with Dick Schneider at the club’s membership picnic in Henderson. I got rid of my GT6s recently and was on the hunt for a TR6. Two weeks later, I bought my 1973 TR6 and joined the club soon after.

Now, 9 years later, the club continues to evolve with the times and some things remain the same. Email, Website, Facebook and many new faces keep things fresh and new, but the cars and great friendships remain the anchor of this wonderful organization 25 years later.

To the Past we are thankful to all those who had the vision to start out on this journey of LBCs. You all know who you are and we will always be grateful. In the Present we have changed a lot recently with little tweaks here and there and everything has a new twist to it. Thank you for all your hard work making the club better and better. In the future, I could see this club growing ever stronger. This is simply because of the quality of people we attract and their vision of things to come. Twenty-five years later, the British Auto Club of Las Vegas is strong and ready for the next quarter century.


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