Steve Zak's MGB in the shop for an inoperable rear SU HIF carb. Get them cleaned up, rebuilt and back on the car and now they are leaking gas. Why? Some head scratching and swearing as they come off the car 2 more times. Closer inspection reveals bent lids (they are supposed to be perfectly flat, you shouldn't see daylight under the straight edge). In past life, somebody remedied a leak by cranking the bejesus out of the fasteners, thus bending the lid. Can't bend them back for fear of cracking the pot metal. Solution - Extra thick gasket.

Steve Zak's MGB also in the shop for inoperable clutch. Master and Slave Cylinder's replaced, but action on clutch is still not good. Why? Pushrod worn oblong and pin worn out resulting in nearly 3/8" of slop on a 3/4" throw. Solution? Weld material into pushrod and then drill out to proper size and a new pin. Good as new.

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