Triumph Stag Restoration Progress

Engine in, engine out again. Mated the newly fabricated cross member in place. Fit perfectly, didn’t have to play, enlarge or move the original bolt holes - even after Jonas’ expert welding it together and the heating and cooling of the metal. The steering shaft fits perfectly and will route around the engine and frame easily without crazy universals going every which way. Steering rack mated to cross member and found it moved about 1.5 inches lower than original location to fit the engine oil pan. Humm, trouble with “Bump Steer” you say? Possible issue for consideration. Will have to get in there and take some measurements to see how the tie rod ends align with the track control arm ball joint. Maybe tie rod extensions will put them back in line so they rotate around the same, or very close, axis. We might even have to resort to the Tuners’ parts bin and their approach to Rice Rockets when they lower the car to a squishy 3 inches off the ground. Probably won’t be able to eliminate the Bump Steer, but minimize it. Anyone out there “Bump Steer” experts with a front strut configuration? Just really happy that the new cross member works and all the parts and pieces fit.

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