MGB, aka Midge, Gets a Free Ride

I want to thank all the members who tried to revive Midge on Sunday. Hope that Jim Shope got the gas taste out of his mouth. What a sight to see him and George McHarris sucking and blowing on the gas lines. Also, Jonas, Jim Oswald and Tom Attermier going above and beyond. We finished the run but in 3 different vehicles. It was great to have "Tom' s Magic Rescue Truck" with us. Midge got dropped off at Atomic Motors and I will pick her up in the morning. Also thanks to Laurie for being head cheerleader and safety inspector. Sandy also helped by taking lots of pictures of me being embarrassed. All in all another great adventure with the BACLV. As Jonas so aptly put it, an MG in its natural environment.

#MGB #CarClubEvents

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