President's Message - January 2016

I have to say that it has been a pleasure to serve as the 2015 BAC Vice President under the leadership and guidance of Steve Kennedy, BAC President for 2015. Steve has a refreshing business-like demeanor and the razor-sharp ability to focus on the issue at hand and to suggest a solution to the issue—if it truly needed one. It must be a result of his years of solving the mechanical problems he was faced with as he plied his trade in the automotive industry.

I always felt at ease with the way Al Lindahl plied his trade too—handling the monetary side of the Club. You always know when you are watching a professional at work-and Al Lindahl is a consummate Accountant kind of guy.

With Jane Simon keeping a written record of the happenings in the Club I knew that we would never stray too far from the straight and narrow. And the effort she put forth sorting out the Standing Rules and the Bylaws changes was just sort of remarkable. My eyes glaze over thinking about having to deal with such issues. Jane never missed a beat.

Others that have worked hard to make this BAC machine purr along would include Margaret and Pat Klenk who breathed new life into the extraordinary BAC website, Sandy Lashua who did a yeoman’s job publishing the first rate Spanner, and Officer at Large Simon James—how can you put a price on his laser-sharp input on virtually every important issue. Not to forget Ron Couturier for his monthly Tech articles-- and countless others who worked hard at sponsoring and organizing the numerous events held throughout the year. Yes—it has been quite a year. I’m proud to say I was a part of it.

Regarding the path forward into 2016-- it would appear that the former Board has done most of the heavy lifting and has smoothed the way for the incoming Board. But as we know that is not quite accurate. The incoming Board will have to pick up where Steve Kennedy and his crew left off and will have to work just as hard to drive the Club forward. It is a lot of work—but I can promise you the new Board members are up to the task and have already started putting the framework for 2016 together. Sandy Lashua on Events, Jane Simon as Secretary, Lauri Rosenau as Treasurer, and new-comer

Jim Oswald as Member at Large. We have already identified several important tasks we want Ozzie to handle. I’m really looking forward to working with them as we plan for a great 2016.

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