President's Message - February 2016

I bought our TR-6 in 1994 from some cowboy in New Braunfels, Texas. He had the car bare-metal painted in 1989 but left the rest of the car pretty much as it came from the plant in 1975. All I did to the car between then and 1996, when we moved to Las Vegas, was to purchase new tires.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago when I took part of a Christmas bonus and purchased new tires for it. Do the math—the tires were more than 20 years old. The Discount Tire guys pulled me into the shop and told me to try to poke my thumb nail into one of the takeoffs. No way could I make an indention in those old timers. I was pretty chuffed driving home on new rubber—what a smooth, confident ride. It was an amazing difference and I was really elated about the purchase until I pulled into the drive and noticed only one headlight was working. So I ordered two new halogens and installed them a week or two ago. So we have new headlights to show us the way and new tires that will get us home again.

Mechanically, the car has been bullet proof—up until the ride back from Valley of Fire in the summer—when it caught a cold. The Triumph got us home—but just. Seems it had come down with one of those obscure maladies common to seldom-driven vintage British cars. The front float bowl vent had become clogged and the car would only run for a few minutes until it would drop down to the 3 rear cylinders. It took me three months poking and prodding to discover the nature of the problem and imagine this—a cotton swab soaked in carb cleaner was all it took to make the engine happy again. Fair to say that without the advice of Jonas, Jim Shope, Steve Kennedy, and Bill Goodman I might never have figured out the problem. (A great benefit of BAC membership, by the way)

So, where am I heading with all this rambling on. I think that our TR has never been more ready to take part in the numerous driving events the Events Committee is putting together. And I am more convinced that it will get us to and from whatever the destination—no excuses. So I urge everyone to take advantage of this miserable weather to give your cars a once over and get them ready for what is coming your way—a great schedule of BAC driving events for 2016.

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