The Saga of the Barn Healey, Pt III

When I took up the old carpet, I found that the original jute had deteriorated and removed.The bolts in the driver's floor pan that hold the exhaust are missing so exhaust is dropped for wire brushing and repaint.Bolts are then welded into the floor pan and ground smooth.

I buy a tube of reflective insulation from home depot and put insulation on the floor and transmission tunnel to reflect heat and noise.While the tunnel cover is off, I now drop the driveline, replace u-joints, and pull the transmission to clean and inspect the gears.New clutch plate and bearing came with the car.Invoice in the box dated from the 70s said $7 for disc and $5 for bearing. After disassembling the transmission, I check everything over and it looks really great.First gear looks a little bit worn but not enough to replace lay gear and first gear to the tune of over $1000.Forgot to change front seal and that cost me another transmission removal and disassembly later on to replace it.Getting old is not for sissies.

Moving to the engine, I removed carbs, manifolds, generator, starter, oil filter, radiator, fan and water pump.Took carbs apart and cleaned with small brush.They both looked good after all the old varnish was removed so were set on bench until engine cleaned up.Generator and starter were disassembled, cleaned, lubricated and painted.Oil filters and manifolds same.Radiator was flushed and hoses cleaned up.Since heater hoses were original, I had to pull heater, clean, flush and paint.New hoses and grommets were put on heater.Now the fun begins.

Took head off since had a bad valve in number 2.It took a day or so just to get the caked-on grease off.Removed valve springs and lapped in all valves that were good.Replaced exhaust valve in #2 and lapped it in.The head had years of lead accumulated in combustion chamber.Had to put it in big plastic bag to wire bush it all out and wear a respirator.Do not need lead poisoning on top of my other medical problems.Discovered all valves seals were gone, which was why it had smoked so much and burned oil.Replaced seals, painted the head and valve cover.Cleaned and lubed the distributor and replaced points, condenser and rotor.Cap and wires looked fine so cleaned them and clipped the ends for better conductivity.Now I was ready to begin the major cleanup, which was the engine block.

The front seal had been worn out for a long time and there was about an inch of hard, caked on dirt and oil on both sides of the engine block and the frame – back to the rear bumper.I took a few days off while I gathered my wits and prepared to do battle with this lump of iron.

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