President's Message - June 2016

I was sitting here thinking about the upcoming weekend in Springdale and how much we look forward to getting out of town for the weekend and just hanging out with some friends. And it took me back to the 50’s and 60’s when my parents were active in the Western Ohio Region of the SCCA and the Miami Valley Touring Club. I remember a litany of cars that passed through our garage in those days and the multitude of events we drove them to: Belfontaine Hill Climb, gymkhanas, out-of-town touring events and gimmick rallies. Even as far away from Dayton as West ‘by God’ Virginia, south to Kentucky, and over into Indiana to the time trials at Indianapolis. TC’s, TD’s, TF’s, 100-4’s, TR-3’s, OSCA-engined Fiat’s, and two Jags including a FHC E-type. These were good times for car guys and gals.

And I got to thinking about the great times they had mingling with their club mates—drinking beer, having cookouts, and talking about English cars. Sad how over time they lost interest in their cars and lost contact with their car friends—they all got older and somehow moved away from the ties that bound them all together. About that time I went away to the service and then 4 years at the University commuting in a Judson-blown MG-Midget—and then settled into married life and started a career. I didn’t have time for English cars—but I stayed in touch with the movement until 1994 when the timing was perfect—and I got back in.

Anyhow, many times Pilar and I have talked about what being a member of the BAC has meant to us over the past 19 years or so. Hard to quantify what it has meant to us, but the term ‘solid friendships’ comes easily to mind. Long term friendships. And as we move into our early 70’s (me, not Pilar), that sort of friendship means a lot more than the term meant when I was a younger man. I’m coming to have a better understanding of what their Club mates meant to my parents going on 60 years ago. Can’t wait to get on the road and do ‘nothing’ in Springdale.


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