In 2014 I decided, with some persuasion from my better half, that it was time to sell-off some of the 300 or so model car kits that I had collected since the 70’s. I started building model kits when I was in elementary school and have built kits occasionally ever since. In 2014 I managed to sell off over $2,400.00 worth of kits. I was making lots of trips to the post office and answering lots of questions on the phone from customers. As you might suspect, there were some kits that I had an attachment to and just could not bear to part with, no matter how much I was offered. The Sprite kit, with its neat box art, was one of them, along with some real old kits that are considered “Holy Grail” in kit collector circles.

I purchased the Sprite kit in May of 95’ for $10. Today, price guides place the value of this kit at about $60. The original price for the kit, according to Jim Sonter’s book, Old Model Car Kit Advertisements, puts it at $1.49-$2.00. The Sprite kit was produced by Monogram in 1970 after Mattel Toy Company bought Monogram in Oct. 1968. The kit has never been re-issued, which of course adds to the value. The scale is 1/32 which makes the body about 4 ¾ inches long. The body and chassis are molded in a medium blue. Unfortunately the tires are plastic and not rubber. The windshield and headlights are of course clear plastic. The seats are molded into the body. The steering wheel and gear shift tunnel are also molded in blue. You would think they would have molded the bumpers in chrome, but there also blue. Anyone, building this kit, would have to spend time painting small parts. This is what they call a “curbside model”, so there is no engine. The kit comes with a small decal sheet containing racing numbers and flames. This kit is complete with painting and assembly instructions. A short history of the car is also included.

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