President's Message - August 2016

I was sitting at the restaurant called Joe’s Stone Crab with Pilar on Sunday, July 3rd, drinking a dry Martini and watching the throngs of people walking up and down the corridors—admiring the many sights and enjoying themselves. How could you not have a good time in the amazing facility that is called the Forum Shops? And what an incredible mix of ethnicities and cultures we have in this city—visitors and residents alike. If you like ‘people watching’ this is a great place to be.

But my mind drifted off to the terrorist bombings of the few days prior to our day of Independence—bombings in which hundreds of innocents were indiscriminately killed or maimed. They happened to be in the very place where these animals chose to detonate their weapons of massacre. Bombings in Baghdad killed over 200. Turkey suffered over 50 deaths in their airport. More bombings occurred in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Indonesia. All in the same week. Bombings took place in Markets, cafes, bazaars, office buildings, and restaurants. Usually where large numbers of people congregate just trying to take care of the business of life. Just like those people we were watching walking up and down the halls at the Forum Shops.

Maybe it was the alcohol kicking in but in that moment I had two thoughts enter my mind. First, what a great country we live in that gives us the freedoms and liberties to enjoy ourselves as we proceed through the journey of life. And second, I began wondering how long before we really start having to look over our collective shoulders wondering what horrors are lurking around the next corner.

So, I ordered another Martini and tried to not think about the darkness that seems to be coming our way.



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