President's Message - September 2016

I wanted to publicly thank Pat Klenk and Kunal Mishra for sharing their personal thoughts about the British cars in their lives. Next month, we will be entertained by the musings of Jonas Payne and the following month by Jim Shope. I have not had one single member tell me they didn’t agree with the idea of strengthening the automotive aspects of the Club and lessening the time spent on the social side of things. A re-balancing of the priorities. Social events are important but let’s not forget who we really are—a British Auto Club. The LBC’s are, after all, the ties that bind us together.

Note—the current lineup of ‘guest speakers’ takes us up through the September meeting. Give some thought to putting together a half-hour of remembrances of your time (s) with British cars and let me know if you are ready to get in front of your Club mates. I asked Julie Dow if she thought Ibsen would have agreed—she said “Yes, absolutely.” After all, Ibsen was the consummate British car guy. I miss him a lot. John Walker was too. I really miss them both.


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