Outgoing President - President's Message

Just a few thoughts about the BAC as I watched it roll by in 2016. As is usual we had some membership turnover this year—members who moved away or for whatever reason didn’t renew their membership. More often than not they pay their dues, do not become involved, become disenchanted, and simply fade away. This year those folks were replaced big time with lots of new, exciting, and involved members-many of which have already made their mark on the Club. Our membership is at an all-time high—140 paid up members—50% of which or more are truly active. And that is a good number.

Hats off go to the outgoing Board and the other appointed positions which will continue in their positions into the new year. Special mention goes to Margaret Klenk, website chair, who has done a terrific job with the BAC Website. More than 70% of the new applicants claim they found us ‘online,’ liked what they saw, and joined up. And Ron Couturier continues to supply the Spanner with well written, interesting Tech Articles—year after year.

I want to send out a special thanks to the Bilers who go overboard promoting our Club through their crackerjack automotive business, Atomic Motors. Thanks to the numerous members who stand tall when it comes time to sponsor an event--particularly the Albrechts who open their house every year for the BAC Garage Sale and Al Seminatore who works hard for the Club in lots of ways—and lives 60-some miles away. Thanks go out in a special way to those who supported me and the Club with suggestions, friendship, and counsel: Jonas Payne, Pat Klenk, Dave Ogle, Jim Lefler, Steve Kennedy, Al Lindahl, Simon James, and Bill Goodman. Their insight meant a lot to me. Can’t forget my good friend Steve Zak who re-engineered the much-loved Points System and Jim Shope who does such a great job twisting arms for donations to the monthly Raffle. Good job, guys.

All the best to the new Board in 2017. Everyone should keep an eye on James Oswald and Brett Harris. They are going to do great things for the BAC this year. Oh, and a shout out to Dick Levan. I think about you often up there in Pennsylvania. You should be here with us sharing your infectious enthusiasm for Brit cars. Finally, a special thanks to Robert Baggs—a guy that took the time to respond to every damned email I sent out—no matter inane or repetitious it might be. Love you, man.


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