President's Message - January 2017

As I sit here working on wrapping up the Spanner, I think this is going to be an exciting year ~ 2017. I have such a wonderful bunch of people to work with and so many great ideas are spilling from their heads. I went over some of the “traditional” events that we hold during the year and Jim Oswald comes up with a dozen other new and exciting ideas. Will we have the time to do them all? I don’t know. This is Jims turn to direct the activities. I am anxious to see what he has planned for us.

Brett has already been doing secretarial work and he is doing such a great job, I am glad that it is a two-year position. Laurie came on Treasurer last year. It took her awhile to get caught up, but we are finally on track. The financial reports were ready, just waiting to present them. Jim Lefler has a lot of wisdom and guidance to impart. I know I will be calling on his expertise. I feel so blessed to have such a great bunch of people on my board.

If you have not paid your Membership Dues, time is running short! You can pay on PayPal, in person or by mail (Club Address on page 7). You have until December 31. After that, you will be dropped from our membership rolls. We don’t want to lose you, so send that check soon!

Jim Oswald will be taking names for those who would like to host an event in 2017. Our goal is to fill the calendar for the year in January or February. So, sign up for an event for later in the year and you will receive extra points if you sign up now!


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