President's Message - February

The Holidays are over! The election is over! Now to get everything back to normal? Getting started with the “First Event” is well on its way. Barry Lagen is our guy to host this traditional event. Yup! We’re off to Boulder Dam Brewing Company in Boulder City.

The BACLV has many things in the works for this year. We have so many events, social and car, that I hope we can get them all on the Calendar.

I spoke to the Board members recently and the Board has agreed to thank members who sign up (ahead of time) to host events. If you sign up 3 month in advance to host an event, you will receive 250 EXTRA points! Doesn’t seem like much right now? Well, just wait until the end of the year and be in the running for a free membership! We will be asking you to give us your suggestions for the events that YOU would like to do, see or attend. We have some cool car stuff too! I want to thank those members who came out on a moments (well, two days) notice for the photo shoot (that was great fun), and those hardy souls who braved the freezing cold for the Cars & Coffee Event. Have a good week everyone.


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