Reprinted from BACLV Spanner Newsletter - April 2012

During the General Membership Meeting held on February 26, 2012, two members of our club, having each been simultaneously determined to be possible recipients of the “TRAVELING PADDLE AWARD”, appeared before the BACLV District Court with the Honorable Judge Mort Zwick presiding. Both incidents leading up to this determination occurred during the “Tune & Tech Session” on February 4, 2012 at the home of BACLV member Jonas Payne. In the case of member Bill Wellbaum, a lengthy process of bleeding the brakes on his 1975 TR6 could not resolve the problem and the vehicle was unable to proceed that day. In the case of member Al Seminatore, shortly after leaving the event, his 1962 AH broke down, was unable to proceed, and had to be rescued by two other members. As the court convened, Bill Wellbaum read aloud to the attending membership, the section of the BACLV Revised Statutes pertaining to the “Traveling Paddle Award”. The two defendants then proceeded, one at a time, to plead their defense in front of Judge Zwick. While Bill Wellbaum’s defense involved problems with “parts” in the braking system, Al Seminatore said that his malfunction involved an auto mechanic more than himself. Judge Zwick sternly reminded both parties that “incompetence” was NOT a recognizable defense.

Having heard their arguments, Judge Zwick made the determination that both incidents were subject to the conditions specified for receiving the award, and therefore they will share equally in its possession. They will alternately retain ownership approximately every six months until such time as another member shall have the honor of qualifying for this prestigious award. The previous holder of the “Paddle”, Susie Rosoff, was a little reluctant and somewhat saddened to give it up (not), having grown attached to it during the two years it was in her possession. The BACLV membership should take note that if another major judicial issue should occur, the Board Of Directors would not hesitate to convene the BACLV District Court with the Honorable Judge Mort Zwick from Chicago (a city known for its judicial integrity & strict adherence to the law) presiding.


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