President's Message - March 2017

We have had such a great turnout lately; I hope the rest of the year continues as the month of January has. For our “First Run” to Boulder Dam Brewing Co, we had 34 members show up. For our first General membership meeting we had 38 members attend. Some of which we have not seen in a while. More tables and chairs had to be brought in for additional seating!

We have a lot of new members this year. Dan and Carolyn Stillwell met Bill Biler and he promoted the club and got them to sign up! A.J. Dowden came from the Jaguar club. I gave a presentation there in December at the request of Skip Yarma and A.J. decided to give us a try! A.J. is a Metro retiree, so he should feel right at home. Bruce Carpenter is working on a new member from Ely. I haven’t heard on that one yet. Bill Wellbaum signed up Kelly Tourek. These are just a few of the new members. Our club is growing! I want to thank all those who promote the Sport of British Cars and the BACLV.

We have had a few changes lately. If you are making any kind of payment (for events, badges, merchandise or membership) all monies go directly to the Treasurer. Cash MUST be in an envelope with the reason for the payment, amount, date and your name. It is too easy to forget where the cash came from and we want to insure that you are given credit for your payment. If you do not have an envelope handy, we have them pre-printed for you. If you are making out a check, please make ALL checks out to the BACLV. This is our way of tightening up the financials for our club. If you have something to (US Postal) mail to the club, please mail it to the post office box (P.O.B. 90973, Henderson, NV 89009). No longer will any mail be sent to any member or Board members home address.

The Buffet at our monthly meeting has changed. In order to keep the cost at $15 (tax and tip included) we had to drop the Omelet Station. Participation was down for the Omelet Station and the increase was not worth the cost to all of the members for a few to enjoy the Omelet Station. There will also be a “Continental Breakfast” station for those wanting a lighter fare at $8. This will include coffee, tea or juice and pastries and this is on a TRIAL basis.

We have some good events coming up soon ~ The Mini Club is hosting the St. Patrick’s Day Rally. Lisa from the Mini Club always has something fun and exciting going on. If you have not RSVP’d please do so soon. This is an event you want to attend. The Highland Games are in April; Jonas Payne is your host for that one again. Jared Carithers wants to host another run to Kingman. Last year it was such a beautiful drive, even in the rain!

On Page 7 of this month’s Spanner is the advertisement for Kensington Motors. Please note the change of address. Mr. Bill Goodman recently moved his business to 3062 Sheridan, Las Vegas, just a short distance away. Stop by and say hello to Bill Goodman and his staff!


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