President's Message - April 2017

I want to thank everyone for his or her positive complements over the years that I have been doing the Spanner. I especially want to thank Allen and Susie Rosoff for setting it up the way they did so I could come in and continue all the good work they started. They brought it from a few black and white stapled pages of print to a real color publication! This will be my last Spanner. Pat Klenk is taking over as Spanner Editor beginning with the May issue. I am sure there will be some changes in the Spanner. Don’t hesitate to let Pat know how you like what he is doing. It may take him a few months to get his bearings, but I know it will be a good publication.

There are many good and talented people to work with on the Board ~ Jim Oswald has taken command of the events and is doing a fantastic job. He is a natural at taking the helm and orchestrating everything. Jim Lefler is a powerhouse of energy and information. Laurie is coming around and doing a fantastic job as treasurer. She has had some help and Thanks to those people, (you know who you are). Brett Harris! WOW! That young man is a sponge, soaking up every word! WE tease Brett that his is writing a novel about the BACLV. He has everything in his reports. We have many good people in our club, members who enjoy the sport of British Cars. Ibsen and Julie Dow started something good that has lasted for 26 years and still going strong. A place where members could talk about their cars, go on rallies, car shows and have fun together. I hope we get a lot more car events going this year. We are achieving good things with this club. We had 59 people in the room at the February meeting! During our January meeting, the Wildhorse staff had to bring in extra tables and chairs. I hope things continue in this manner. We are getting new members each month. Bill and Cat Biler are always promoting and recruiting our organization.

We have resumed the raffle this year. It is a 50/50 take. At the February meeting, Millie Polk won enough money to take her daughter and herself for a pedicure! Jim Shope is still with the raffle selling tickets. Who could miss that fun?

On page 11 of the Spanner, we have a new advertiser. Shirtz, Logoz and Promoz, the nice people who have supplied our shirts and other BACLV logo items for several years will now advertise in the Spanner. If you want a shirt, jacket, hat, tote bag or anything else with our logo, call Bob or Darcy and place your order. If you have a favorite shirt or other item that you would like our logo and/or your name, these are the nice people that can do it for you. Mention that you are a BACLV member for your club discount.

At our February Board Meeting, the Board Members voted to resume including the minutes of the board meeting and membership meetings printed in the Spanner and on the website.

For upcoming events Jonas has the Highland Games lined up, the Mini Club is putting on the St. Patrick’s Day Rally. You never know what they will come up with, but it is always good. I want to Thank Skip Yarma for jumping right in and hosting the Sweetheart Brunch. A little help from friends Sallie McClary, Laurie Rosenau and Jim Oswald it was a complete success! Jared Carithers is hosting a run to Kingman again this year and we have a few more in the works. Remember, if you sign up to host an event 90 days prior to that event you receive extra points. The “member household” with the winning points receives a prize and their membership paid for the following year! Runner up will receive their membership paid also. Just something to think about. Anyone can host, we are setting up a committee to help first time hosts.


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