Valley of Fire Run

It was a cool windy Sunday morning. We drove our cars into the forgotten desert canyons, a distance beyond current time and civilization, winding our way between leagues of wild flowers. The British Club (with the Motorcycle club) gathered in a CVS Pharmacy parking lot near Sunrise Mountain. With a breeze in the air and a view of the City below, we started our engines. Jim Shope took off first. He has lots of energy and his gas pedal channeled it. Chasing that little green Healy became the objective. I cannot speak for the other members. Jonas was in my rear view mirror as my Blue TR4 traced along the road like a rattle snake slithering down a rocky canyon wall. Motorcycles passed with waving leather hands. These were Bill Wellbaum’s buddies on their Triumph motorcycles.

The red sculptured stones reflected in our windshields as we lined up to pay the National Park checkpoint. This was the Valley of Fire. Bill Wellbaum briefed us at the beginning of the trip to drive around this checkpoint. They closed this loop hole. Jonas was behind me checking his 3 wheeler for noises and asked me for a beer. I forgot to thank him for fixing my Triumph a couple of weeks ago. It took him 10 minutes to fix a gas leak in my carburetor. The Blue TR 4 drove like a dream. I owe him a beer. I did not have one in my cooler.

We drove into a picnic area called the “Seven Sisters”, seven pillars of stone reaching for the sky. Tourists adored our British Cars.

It was nice to spend some time with fellow members while eating between the rocks. Brett Harris brought his cousin Holly. She was very nice. AJ Dowden, a new member took pictures. Steve and Alyson, Simon and Jane, Bill and Pilar, Andrew and Sandy, Mike and Linda, David and Clara and our motorcycle friends made this trip a wonderful experience.

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