Dave and Chris ran the first Annual St Patrick’s Day rally the British Club held in 2008! They have won your rally 2 times together and Dave won it once by himself! Together they also took 3rd place twice and they won the coveted 2nd place once together in 2012.

In 2013, Dave and Chris were the rally masters and I thought it would be fun to participate. My copilot was Ian Ryan a coworker. We

were so excited for our first rally until we realized that we won the coveted 2nd place. So, we (Ian and myself) planned the 2014 Rally – something for which I was quite proud of – a rally master! I missed 2015 due to a work conflict.

In 2016, Chris had to work. Normally, Chris and Dave would drive together. Since Chris was working, his dad asked me to be the copilot - a decision he would later regret, as we took 2nd place and were the next year’s rally masters! For a full year, I heard how Dad and Chris would have taken 1st place, but because Chris had to work, Dave had to take me instead – and we lost.

Now, fast forward to 2017. With some inspiration from Philly Mini we (Dave and myself) combined their textbook style to your rally traditions and came up with an outstanding fresh look to the Annual St Patrick's Day rally.

Dave has participated in a pro-rally circuit with his copilot, Allen, through the late 70's-80's. Their team was called Plaid Frog Racing. Chris and Dave have participated in one of your rallies – in one way or another. So, thanks to the BAC for having the annual event - we have had a blast doing this for years. Again it was our pleasure to prep your rally and fulfill our Murphy's Law Duties.

A side note: We also have planned many rallies for SCMC (Sin City Mini Club). Dave, Chris and I, will be hosting one for AMVIV (A mini vacation in Vegas). Everyone is invited to participate – just neet to register.


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