Triumph Door Repair

Over the years, a percentage of my Triumph customers have brought their cars to my shop for a repair the check strap pin holder. I have the repair the piece when it pulls out and then perform the subsequent door shin crease repair. I am the first to admit that in the past, I did the repairs badly.

Whenever I visit Las Vegas, I spend lots of time shopping at Nevada Pic A Part. On one particular trip, I noticed a door check assembly on a Toyota. So, I bought a couple and brought them home with me to BC. Of course, like most inventers, I overthought the process. It finally occurred to me what to do, and I have been using the Toyota part ever since – it is a cost-efficient, strong solution. I’ve used this solution on Triumph doors ever since.

Here is what I do:

  • Take a check strap from a Toyota Corolla, drill out the pin and separate the two pieces.

  • Drill a new hole in the bracket to match the location of the Triumph pin position (this gives you the proper door swing

  • Remove the door panel using masking tape on the door to protect the paint and be able to mark the center pinhole location on the door

  • Take a hacksaw blade or cut off saw and cut off the broken door pin ears on the door. (I suggest removing the door if you are not familiar with tools)

  • When you have done this, center the Toyota bracket on the door and mark the attaching bolt hole from the bracket to the door.

  • Drill a small hole. Note: there is a reinforcing bar that you have to drill through, so be sure to go slow.

  • Once you have drilled a pilot hole, proceed to drill it out to 5/16” bolt, (I use an Allen head bolt) the Toyota bracket to the door and drop in a ¼” bolt or re-pin as the factory did. I do not shim the check strap; I let it float.

  • Test and then replace the door panel. Make sure the post check strap is in good shape. If not, order a new one and replace the old one.

Send me an email if you’ve got any questions. I have been doing this repair for many years with no comebacks. Feel free to repair the door skin.

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