President's Message - June 2017

It’s hard to believe that the year is almost half over. It seems that the older I get the faster time goes by.

I want to bring attention to Kate Payne and Pat Klenk for the first rate job they are doing with the Spanner. It isn’t easy paying attention to all the little details, but this duo seems to be catching on and printing a good newsletter! Hats Off to you both.

I spent Friday afternoon at Millers Ale House in Henderson with Allen and Susie Rosoff bidding farewell to Peter and Elva Berent. Peter and his lovely wife have spent the past several years traveling back to the U.K. during the summer and to the U.S. during the winter. That is what I call a real migration! Unfortunately, traveling has become a bit more difficult and this was their last jaunt to the USA. They sold their house, furniture and car, and what they did decide to keep is being shipped back to London. Andrew and I have enjoyed their friendship for many years and are sad to see them leave, but we certainly understand. The Lashuas and the Rosoffs wish them well and we will definitely keep in touch.

We have some good events coming up and I hope that you will look at our line-up. Jim Oswald takes his job as events coordinator very seriously and works super hard to get things just right for our members.

Coming up in June is the Mt. Charleston Run. We will also be honoring Fathers. We have a Mother’s Day Brunch, but traditionally nothing for the Fathers, so the Mt. Charleston Run will be for Fathers. There will be prizes! This is a pet friendly venue, so don’t leave your furry friend home!

Dave Ogle will be coming onboard as Treasurer. Dave has had a lot of experience as Treasurer for the Knights of Columbus and we have great confidence in him. Thank you Dave for stepping up! Laurie did step down due to health and personal concerns. Thank you, Laurie, for taking it on for a year and a half. You gave it your all and we appreciate what you have done.

The board is tinkering with the idea of moving the time that the board meets to either earlier or later to try to avoid some of the heavy traffic. Part of the board lives in Henderson and the other part lives in the far north of the valley. We rotate the location of our meetings to one month in the north, the next to the south. Either way, someone has to drive through the rush hour quicksand! So we will explore adjusting starting times to make the drive less hectic.

The Board Meetings are open to all members in good standing. Since we select venues that are smaller or have small meeting rooms, space is limited, so PLEASE RSVP if you would like to attend the board meetings, and we will ensure there is room for you. Because of the travel involved by half of the board, we usually hold a dinner style meeting. You are not obligated to purchase a meal, but certainly are welcome to do so.

Have a good month and check the Spanner, emails and website for updates.


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