Beat the Heat Run - Red Rock Canyon

Beat the heat; has anyone told Jim Oswald this is Las Vegas and it is July? How do you beat the heat here, no way unless you put the starting point in Borough, Alaska and drive due north. Alas, Jim put it out there, get a bunch of insomniacs together and start driving, uh west. It really doesn’t matter that almost none of these cars the intrepid lot drives have no modern conveniences like air conditioning, some don’t even have tops that you could put up if you wanted to.

So Jim’s rather devious plan is to start this before the sun rises where any sane person will be sleeping soundly. They will then drive to the starting point fast asleep. Then shock their systems with really strong coffee and doughnuts with sugar and get them all wired and they will never know. Get in the cars and start it as their bodies are convulsing with shock. The confusion will be so great that they will never even realize there is something called ‘heat’. Ah Jim I bet you’d never thought you’d get away with it. Well we fooled you!

Six cars, eleven people, showed up to sample your devious plan. Meeting at the Dunkin’ Doughnuts on west Charleston just before the sun decided to show itself, the Dawn Patrol set out for the front gates at Red Rock Conservation Area. Much to our surprise, we were not the first there. A little black Nissan occupied first position at the gate and much to their surprise there were six lead-footed, racy, engine blipping sports cars in back of them hungry to sample the curves of the Red Rock Loop. We got through the gate and Jim held us all back from tackling the curves until we were all in line behaving ourselves. Off we went, hitting speeds of 20 mph as we ended up stuck behind the little black Nissan. It was probably a good thing with all that coffee and sugar coursing through our bodies.

The sun joined us in a rather stunning display of the majesty of Red Rock so it was to our benefit to be able to experience the rich colors of the rock, the rich yellow light of the morning and the deep reaching shadows that surrounded this group sampling nature. Jim lead us to Willow Springs picnic area to stop, stretch the legs chat a bit, look around in wonder and comfort. It didn’t take long for several of the people to look around in shock and wonder to discover where they were and understand that in a very short time the temperature would climb to stellar heights and there would be no retreat from it. So after s few stories about the heavy equipment, climbing rocks and other sundry things there was a mass retreat to the cars. With gravel flying, the group hit the loop road and retreated to their own, cool, dens spread around the valley to shelter from the soon to be blazing sun. This all before 9:30 a.m.

With this came the realization that Jim Oswald had done it – he had lead us with gusto in beating the heat in Las Vegas. Thank you Jim.

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