President's Message - July 2017

Today on our way to a late breakfast we witnessed an accident. Traffic was stopped at the light, a woman in an SUV was looking for her wallet and failed to notice traffic ahead of her had stopped. Her SUV rammed the vehicle ahead of her. Fortunately the injuries were not life threatening. Andrew checked the occupants in one vehicle and I checked on the woman in the SUV. With everyone safely out of the way, traffic on Lake Mead Parkway was backing up. So I positioned myself between the lanes (as I was taught to do many years ago) and began alternating the lanes of traffic to proceed forward. I was able to clear the left lane for the police and other emergency services to reach the scene.

All this brought to mind things that we all know but forget in times of emergency. If you are in an accident, regardless of who is at fault, move to the side of the road.

Do not stand in the street near your vehicle, you run the risk of being hit again by someone “rubbernecking” at the accident scene or the vehicle catching fire. This includes any pets you may have traveling with you. Most people experience a surge of adrenalin and feel excited, lightheaded, nervous or overwhelmed. If you experience any of these, sit down, preferable in a shaded area and let the officers or paramedics know how you feel. If you are the victim, try not to let your anger interfere with your judgement. Remember, the person who hit you probably didn’t plan to do so. Keep your documents (insurance and registration) together in a convenient place along with who to notify if you aren’t able to do so. Don’t rely on the contacts in your cell phone, it can become broken or lost in the accident. If you have flares or cones and are able to do so, set them up behind your vehicle. Don’t minimize your injuries to the officer. He/she needs to know if the paramedics are required. Many will say “Oh, I’m just fine” and have serious injuries that disable them later. If you are not seen by paramedics at the scene, make arrangements with your doctor to determine what injuries you may have sustained.

If you are issued a citation (ticket) relating to the accident, do not become upset with the officer, he/she is doing their job.

Remember, we live in a destination/tourist city and we have over four million visitors a year. So as the old TV commercials used to say “Watch out for the other guy, because he may not be watching out for you”.

I want to wish Bill and Debra Madan a belated Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary! They celebrated 50 years on June 17th. Very few of us are lucky enough to get it right the first time and even fewer make it to that landmark anniversary. So Bill and Debra, here is wishing you another wonderful fifty years!


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