President's Message - September

September Presidents Message

It seems like I was just starting the year as President of the BACLV. Now, here I sit looking toward the end of the year. You’re thinking “But its not even September yet”. You are right, but this is the part of the year that becomes a downhill slide. So many events happening, elections coming up and the Awards Banquet. I am looking forward to the coming year and having more time, not for myself, but for our new Great Grandson Tyler (due the end of August). We are all excited!

As we approach the elections for new officers I encourage member and especially new members to come to a board meeting and see how this club is run. I have been very fortunate this year to have some talented and intelligent board members. For the most part, board members tie up loose ends and make sure things run smoothly. Occasionally we have to step in when a member steps on a few toes or outside the boundaries of the club. We review By Laws and Standing Rules to make sure that we are still on track. Money ~ that’s another part of the Boards responsibility. We are kept current on what we have, but the board decides on how and what we are able to spend while remaining on budget. So please, take an hour a month and sit in on a board meeting. See how YOUR club is being run. Maybe you would consider running for a Board position. This year the office of President, Vice President and Officer at Large will become vacant. In this coming election every member in good standing will be eligible to vote. If your name is on the Membership List as of September 1st, you will be eligible to vote. Brett Harris will remain as Secretary for another year and Dave Ogle has volunteered to remain as treasurer for another two years.

Harald and Claudia Albrecht will be hosting the Friday Night Pot Luck and (Saturday) Garage Sale in October. They have hosted this event for many years now and we look forward to this each year. For the new members, we bring our donated items and a dish to share at the pot luck on Friday. This is when we organize the items for sale and just have a good time. The best part of showing up on Friday is that you get first pick of items being sold. Saturday morning we show up again to see who can sell the most. Like to bargain? This is the place to do it! It is fun and this is the only fundraiser the BACLV holds. What is left goes to charity.

We have had a great turnout at our general meetings! Our July meeting we had 52 people sign in! We are growing and this is a good organization to be part of. As the weather cools, I anticipate more members to begin showing their cars. I am looking forward to see Steve Scotts “Lady Primrose” in white. I hope Greg Wood has his Rolls back together. Seeing Greg and Renee and their twins is always a pleasure.

Have a good month and hope to see everyone soon.


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