Ten LBC's plus a couple of regular drivers met at the M Resort for a jaunt into the middle of the Mojave Desert with the intent to make it to Kelso Station and back. The weather was very cooperative, not to cold or hot. The first stop was at Primm to top off the gas tanks. Everyone made to Primm with no issues so then it was off into the desert. The drive to Kelso wandered on good roads through some Joshua tree forests (if that is the right description) and took about an hour to arrive at Kelso. Kelso Station is a former stop for trains heading across the Mojave where helper engines were added so they could make it up the long grade heading north. Now it is a historic building and museum.

After a picnic lunch and a wander through the building, it was decided to head back a slightly different route that had us exiting at Cima. The drive to Cima was again through Joshua trees and scrub grass, a nice change to what we see around Las Vegas. After re-grouping in Cima it was on the freeway for a blast back to Las Vegas. As far I know everyone made it back safe and sound. The round trip distance was 200 miles or more and while having lunch some ideas were floated for longer trips in and around that area of Nevada and California, so stay tuned.

The long haul award needs to go to the Seminatore’s who probably ended up driving almost twice as far everyone else. That should be worth some extra points at the end of the year.


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