President's Message - January 2018

President. How did that happen? I believe it is the work of many people that have supported me during a storm of adjusting, modifying and growing. Well, the Sky is clearing.

We had an event planning meeting with a large turnout. What a mixture of men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Many ideas and opinions were expressed in a positive manner. Everyone was respectful of each other. How many car clubs can say that? This respect could mean better contact with outside clubs and sources. A “Thank You Committee” just may leave pleasant thoughts about our Club wherever we go. Can you imagine giving a thankyou note to the Ranger at Red Rock Park? This could happen. Three volunteers approached me at the Christmas Party. These little touches can set us apart; bring new friends and new opportunities.

A 2018 Preview of events include: A wildflower drive to Death Valley; a Valley of Fire run; a Tune and Tech in June; Mt. Charleston; a Pot Luck in Boulder City; a possible Logandale Bluegrass/jazz festival run; a Red Rock potluck and a Host of other familiar social and car events.

Members, please give the board feedback at the general meetings during the open forum part of the agenda. There are some details that could be overlooked, especially hotel arrangements and details on events that require long term planning. A new President can have a foot-in-mouth problem. I tend to do this in front of a large audience. Please let me learn about these mishaps.

I am looking forward to working with Dave Ogle -Treasurer, Brett Harris- Secretary, Steve Kennedy -Officer-at-Large, Michael Johnson as Committee Chair and Vice President*, Patrick and Margaret Klenk as Editor of the Spanner and Webmaster respectively, Kate Payne Editor of the Spanner, Bill Wellbaum as Committee Chair, Camera Committee – Hap Polk and AJ Dowden. Also, working with people behind the scenes such as Rosie Johnson (acting VP when necessary), Pilar Wellbaum, Ally Kennedy, Jim and Nelda Lefler, Jonas Payne, Julie Dow and others. The Sun is shining in 2018. The new board is ready to trim the sails; come about and head in a positive direction. The members will provide the wind. Ok, Lets think Cars! The members will provide the petrol; the road is well paved and nothing but green lights at every intersection!


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