President's Message - March 2018

Members start your engines! We are off to a great start! There has been record participation for the past two months and good showings for impromptu driving events. The Boulder City Breakfast, The Sweet Heart Brunch and the VARA racing event have all been a great experience. Thank you Hosts and members!

Improved Communication has cleared the way for more exciting and enjoyable conversations resulting in better feedback. This is your club and your dedication and determination to have fun is recognized.

The VARA event in Pahrump was fun and fascinating. I had a conversation with a driver from California. He was among many who raced their British Cars that morning. I have never seen or heard of a Turner. Sure, many members probably know all about this car. The light blue car (on the left) is an example of what he owned. Below is a brief history.

Jack Turner was a Welsh engineer (1916-2011) The first Turners were built at The Old Smithy in Seisdon, South Staffordshire, England before the works moved to 32 Merridale Street, Woverhampton around 1953, and then in 1956 to its final location at Pendeford Aerodrome in Wolverhampton where car production continued through until early 1966 when the doors closed.

Already established as a racing car specialist and race car builder, Jack Turner decided during 1954 to produce a simple, affordable, entry-level sports car. These cars featured a large diameter steel tube ladder frame chassis (except the GT model). Steel or fiberglass body depending on the year, and running gear and power plants from a variety of sources such as Austin A Series, Coventry Climax and Ford. Early Turner racing cars of which 9 Chassis were produced were on occasion fitted with engines designed and built by Jack Turner.* Information from

It would be nice to have one of these in our club including a Triumph 250 and a TR-7. Anyway, Thank you club members for expanding my experiences.

Jim Oswald- President


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