TR6 Engine Rebuild Project

Editor’s Note—This is a continuation of the Tune and Tech event from last month where Dave Ogel’s TR6 underwent “heart surgery” where a massive crowd extracted the engine from Dave’s car. The engine was designed to be a six cylinder vehicle, but alas was only able to summon four of the six to rally and provide the power needed. The Tune and Tech session as a tour de force with 22 members watching, wrenching, wicking coffee and offering advice. By this massive effort it was found that cylinders 2 and 3 were in need of resuscitation, there were worn thrust washers. The day ended with the parts gathered and the shipped off to the machine shop for them to resurrect the block and cylinder head, new parts secured and recollected. All the bits were scheduled back and it was hoped that the reassembly of the engine would occur sometime before the end of April.

#TR6 #Restoration

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