President's Message - April 2018

Since the honeymoon is over for a newly elected President, I thought about showing the humble beginnings of my Triumph TR-4. It was in rough shape and must have been exposed to harsh Texas weather. Later, it was transferred to a restoration shop in Arkansas.

My experience with The Blue Car started one night when I was looking for a British automobile. The inspiration came after I remembered test driving an Alpha Romero Spider in college. I wanted something sporty with a stick shift. After looking at many TR-3s and Austin Healeys, I focused on this sleek TR-4, 1962. It was beautiful. It was too beautiful. Another bidder kept increasing the ante. I would never know this person. The next morning I fought this irritating bidder till the last ten seconds. One more bid and it was mine! What a high price to pay!

Fed Ex Custom shipped it from Hot Springs Arkansas to Las Vegas. The covered truck was so big; I had to meet the driver in a large elementary school parking lot. The little TR-4 was in the back. One by one the driver backed out high priced Porches, Ferraris and other classic vehicles. It caused a lot of attention and many people stopped to watch. The driver was nervous because it was not the best side of town.

After receiving it, I upgraded to an electronic ignition. Soon after, all the valves bent and the engine was taken apart by an excellent local shop. The mechanic replaced the freeze plug; the carburetor and the cam shaft. It took four months.

I was not a member of the British Auto Club at the time. Thousands of dollars could have been saved. However, It has been a great car ever since.

Thank you members for helping me learn more about my car. Joining this organization has been an interesting and fun journey.

Special thanks goes to Hank Spangler; Jim Shope; Jonas Payne; Wayne Headrick; Bill Goodman and many others that have commented and spotted little imperfections that needed work.


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