President's Message - June 2018

The British Car seems to attract both men and women. They are beautiful, sleek, stylish, artistic, and have simplicity of function. The fact that women in the British Car Club are involved with these cars is a great advantage. They inspire high spirits and cohesiveness. Women are making a contribution of ideas and imagination needed to keep this club evaluating, changing and advancing in a positive direction.

There are many women that shatter gender biases and make the club so much more enjoyable and exciting. Women willing to climb under their car and deal with grease include Jane James, Kelly Tourek and Susie Rosoff. Women that do not have their own British car, but support the interest of their partners include Kate Payne, Pilar Wellbaum, Rosie Johnson and Margaret Klenk. Maggie Westfall and Dottie Couturier may also pick up a wrench and work on a car with as much or more enthusiasm than a man. This attitude, this love and support elevate the club above the rest. Why wouldn’t anyone want to join?

This issue celebrates the women members of our club and their involvement directly or indirectly with these automobiles. This appreciation extends to all women in the Las Vegas British Car Club. Thank you for your intelligence, your commitment and your heart.


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