TR6 - Engine Rebuild Project (cont'd)

David Ogle’s TR6 Engine Rebuild Project—Update Continued from May 2018

By David Ogle with photographs by David Ogle

Now that all the major parts are in place, we have the dilemma of correct timing, proper fuel delivery and plugging the massive number of holes after removing all the smog devices and hoses. Jim Shope, Jonas Payne and Dave worked on this problem with no avail. With a super-hot starter motor, we decided to call it a day.

Bill Wellbaum, Steve Kennedy and Dave continue the hunt in Dave’s garage. With two new sets of eyes and even more experience the engine is running. Next problem, bad knocking noise. There several items to check on the list and hopefully the engine will run smooth and quiet.

#MemberContributions #Restoration #TR6 #Triumph

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